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Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Roundup

I got crunked last night.

That's the most action the BPL has ever seen. WOOOOO PARTY AT THE LIBRARY!

I get sample sale emails from Daily Candy, which I normally open and close just so that the notification will go away.  But today I found this: Dear Creatures!

Eveyrthing is nautical and adorable:

I could wear this and pretend to be on a boat, instead of singing "I'm in a cube! I'm in a cube, everybody look at me, cuz I'm standing in my CUBE!"
And oh hello:
Thoughts on the demand for lawyers stationed on boats.  Are there legal crises on ships that necessitate a lawyer on call, and by on call I mean on the lido deck with a daiquiri?  Sign me up.  I probably need that last dress to fit the part, no?

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