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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting Mowwwwied

I had the distinct honor of being consulted in the purchase of an engagement ring - and holy-i-know-nothing-about-rocks, Batman. 

So, they all looked pretty, but I still don't know what a princess cut is, and honestly, colors G-L looked like white/clear to me.  The M color which looked like yellow mud looks like those stupid canary diamonds I'm seeing on celebs these days.  Who would want a yellow diamond?  Woof. 

But more importantly, Mr. Groom had spent the last year researching, and the jeweler greeted him by name as we walked in.

Typical for this guy - and it shows how much thought and time and blood and sweat he put into picking the PERFECT ring, and that's what matters.  Just that he cares and put in effort.

But since I know nothing about rocks... (I skipped rocks for jocks and took DINOSAURS) I'll probably be happy with anything, ring-wise, and future Mr. KK can save his year of stress and hemming and hawing and go with something normal looking, because I'm pretty easy to please.  What I do know about, and what I can judge, is the HOW in this scenario.  Because, if I'm spending my life with you, I want a good engagement story. 

Momma and Poppa don't really have one... I think she cared more about the rock, so they went ring shopping together so that she got what she wanted.  I mean, you're wearing something til death do you part, I get wanting to like it.  But I want a big, makes-me-cry, sweet show of emotion that makes me feel like I'm spending my life with someone who really wants to make me happy and surprise me, and not like... buy me off?  I'd rather measure love in gestures than in dinero (and yes, maybe I'd feel differently if I had a better trained eye for rocks?)

SO, any good engagement stories?  Mr. Groom's initial theory involves a honda civic and a confetti cannon, which I need to derail before he brings in Bozo and a bearded lady.  (I'm not available that weekend anyway, haaaaaaaaa).  Help me help him!

OH, and, the other chick on the ring viewing tour: 1.) Dropped the diamond - not the one that was ultimately purchased - and freaked.   2.)  Got a blatant butt stare from the jeweler.  No better way to show that you're single than by going to buy a diamond with a guy friend and knowing nothing about diamonds.  Maybe this should be my new move?

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