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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Which dress?

I need a dress to go to a wedding that:

1.)  Won't wrinkle in my suitcase
2.)  Won't wardrobe malfunction at the most aggressive dance party since 2007
3.)  Will be prepared for a limbo competition
4.)  Is a good addition to my lineup

So I love this one....
...because it is elegant and drapey (most likely flattering) and the strap will keep it on me, but do not love that is is another almost-black dress to add to my boring attire.

But I love this one....

... mostly because it is purple, and I have no purple, and I want some badly. 

I have two votes for the first and I'm still leaning toward the second.  Why doesn't the first one come in purple?  Do I just order them both and decide based on fit?



  1. My vote is the purple one.

  2. Thanks for taking my side. ;) I think I'm getting both and looking into harvesting my eggs to sell on ebay.