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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Windy City

me:  what is flute
Ashley's new status message - Kaitlyn: what is flute 4:23 PM

Never mind that her gchat status is "good for me, flute is the new black".  Whatever, Smash, I'll fight you this weekend...

because now this is happening:

If you notice, I'm on a boat (!!).  Props to Al-pal for this gorgeous depiction of the weekend to come.

I'm going to CHICAGO for a wedding, which will include a Cubs Game, a beautiful ceremony, a beeeeach, and more dancing and laughing than my abs are prepared to handle.  Both dresses came in this morning (just in the nick of time), and a quick vote of the office has every male coworker voting purple.  Perhaps I'll quick change and do the navy for the ceremony and purple for the reception? 

I am SO excited to see my girl friends.  When I'm not scheming about how to get them to fall in love with men from Boston and move back to me, I'm looking into trips to see them.  And scheming of ways that we we can just play weird dress up and yell Mike Jones and look for dimes...

Yes, in fact, that is a dime.  Don't forget your change purse when you dance with us.  Also, my dad likes this song.  I digress.  I'll be looking for a dime like it's 2006 until further notice.

Mike Jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnes!

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