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Monday, January 23, 2012

Speaker Gingrich, so hot right now.

I can only assume that this is how the women of South Carolina actually think, because yes, it is more important to seek out the most hypocritical proponent of traditional family values than to wind up with a competent candidate that wouldn't have a beer with you.

Go Newt?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

So you want to go to law school?

Let me paint a picture for you.

You sit in a small group of 4 people in front of a class of 100 students, prepared to explain the legal definition of obscenity as defined in the Miller case.  You are well versed in the previous definition, the change Miller hands down, and the implications of each.   You’re ready to explain why the state has the power to ban subject matter, even with the general “avert your eyes” doctrine, and most importantly, you're grateful that this professor assigns groups particular cases, so that you can prepare for the public flogging of getting called on.  Then the professor turns to your group, looks over his glasses at you, back down at his papers, and smiles.

“Alright, first up.  Have you heard of crush videos?”

“Um.  No.”   This is not in the reading.  You rack your brain for if you skipped a footnote.  You decide you’re about to be set up with an awkward argument.  You’re terrified.

“They are sort of fetish videos, where women wearing stiletto high heels stomp baby animals to death.  They’re all over the place online, and they’re really gruesome.  They show all kinds of different animals, kittens and squirrels, and different women, but always wearing high heels.  Just extremely violent, nauseating videos.  Are these obscene?  Can these videos be banned according to the Supreme Court?”

Yep.  You’re about to argue why weird fetish videos are a-ok by SCOTUS, but sex is not. Proceed to collect your bearings and argue your way out of the corner the professor has painted you in.  Good luck with that.

Constitutional Law is one of the more interesting classes – given it explains so much of how our country is the way it is – and it’s amazing how many cases could have been decided differently with a single changed vote.  But Lord, it’s difficult to rationalize why we do what we do.  The Miller case defined obscenity as solely sexual acts, therefore, I spent the better part of my humiliation session arguing that Crush videos are acceptable material and cannot be outright banned by the Supreme court.   Not surprisingly, I also seem to be going down in history as the girl who got to argue that Crush videos are less offensive than simple porn. 

But that’s what being a lawyer is – making an argument that could make you uncomfortable but is grounded in law.   I didn’t want to defend these Crush video deviants, but I didn’t get a choice. It’s easy to then make the mental jump that’s required to be a defense attorney.  I dread the feeling of being called on in class and having n-o i-d-e-a what might possibly be coming down the pike, but it certainly thickens up my skin.  And like all public speaking, practice doesn’t make perfect, but it makes it a hell of a lot less scary.

So much of law school is bone-dry reading and cantankerous professors and eccentric students, and it’s too easy to lose the end game in this hellacious process.  As much as school can suck, I have to remember what the fun part is – I’ll be ready and able to interpret, challenge, and work with the law.  That’s a pretty awesome skill that I’ll have at my disposal.  With the threat of insufficient job prospects looming, I need to remember the positives: I like what this process will grant me and that school is making me grow in ways I didn’t expect.  And I can’t argue with that.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

One twenty five!

To keep with my creepin', I commented on Liz's  post about coming to Boston and subtly suggested that she have Boston meet up.  To prove how awesome she/I/we all are, she hosted the meet up at the scene of the crime/my 27th b-day party/one of my fav bars.  And then this happened:

You're nailing it, so hard right now.

I love when the internet turns into real life and when bloggers are just as cool as their writing make them seem!  Liz -thank you so much for being super friendly and for sharing some of the best gossip I've heard in months.  Canada for the win?  #topicsthatwon'tbetrendinganytimesoon?

PS - how awesome are the friends that are as excited to meet someone new/a mini internet sensation as you, are down with creepin', and up for anything?  Love love love pants and turkey. Love.


In case no one else knows what this is:

So I tried that pepino.  Verdict?  It's very blah tasting... maybe mine's not particularly ripe.  However, the purple streaks are supposed to "itensify" when it ripens, and mine's pretty purpley right now.  It tastes like a bland melon with a bit of pear consistency.  Apparently pepino means cucumber in Spanish.  Makes sense.. very mild flavor.  Also, despite looking like a melon, it's a nightshade, and I can see the comparison to eggplant in texture.

Here's hoping for a more exciting jicama review - which, considering it goes well with rice and beans and mexican plates, I should love.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Bach

I'm usually more into the Bachelorette than the Bachelor... something about 25 girls stabbing each other over a guy that they barely know is much less appealing than 25 dudes wooing a lady.  The Bachelorette - call me crazy - is more about romance.  And a little classier.   The Bachelor turns into this cut-throat, whiny sloot fest... but how do we turn this down?

ABC, you had me at *sniffle*.

And spoiler alert for this first ep - this biddy spends most of the 2 hours crying, and from the upcoming scenes of this season, she makes a pattern of it.

This poor sweet Ben - though I'm not into his floppy hair - I'm rooting for him..  And yes, I'm aware that Ali Fedotowsky just left Roberto... who was a total babe.  But Trisha and Ryan are still together, and dammit, I'm an eternal optimist.  I just love love.

And really, the Bachelor is filling a void in my poor little DVR's heart: it will significantly up the amount of crying on my DVR when added to the Biggest Loser, but until those Jersey Housewives come back, the back-stabbing bitchiness level was nearing a dangerous low.  Dance Moms and Mob Wives, I need you.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Kait

I've never been a resolution girl.   Every day should be the first day of the rest of your life, and if I want to make a change, I should seize the carpe then.  That being said, I'm feeling a little lax.  School sucks the life out of me, yadda yadda.  So, I'm taking this cliche moment to check in and reevaluate.

1.)  I've fallen off the gym wagon.  I'd rather sleep until the last second than get up a second early - but, endorphins make people happy.  And happy people don't just shoot their husbands.  And there's a reason Elle Woods managed to make it through law school with so much grace and style.  And pep.  Ergo, 5 days minimum each week have to involve sweat, even just a 20 minute shake out run before work or after class.  No excuses.  In 2012, I'm getting hot.

(Side note: Santa brought me Zumba for the wii!  Me + Pitbull + dance party in the privacy of my living room?  Fair warning to all visitors to call in advance.  I butchered the Cupid Shuffle on NYE... that should give you a picture of my moves.)

(Second side note: an interesting turn of events in a raucous yankee swap graced our home with a shake weight.  It's so wobbly?  It doesn't really feel like it's doing anything.  I think the instructional DVD is full of it.)

2.)  2012 needs to be the year of understanding money.  I've never invested, so (in all my spare time) I will start reading up on stocks.  True story: I won the sixth grade, year long project where we fake invested money and tracked stocks all year.  12 year old Kait had her money on her mind, 27 year old Kait needs to take some of her advice.

3.)  I'm getting out of my comfort zone.  Whether it's new activities, new foods, new friends?  Let's go.  Case in point, I went on a mini day hike yesterday on New Year's Day.  I bought a jicama and a pepino at the grocery store.  I'll keep you posted on how both of those actually go - cuz they're foreign territory to me.  When I studied abroad I tried crazy new things every single day, and until I can hop on an avion and have a fresh guanabana whenever I want, I'm taking advantage of the new and exciting right here.

Feel free to hold me accountable.  I'll need it.  Happy New Year friends, let's make 2012 one to remember.