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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The one where I become a homemaker

I haven't had my first pumpkin spice latte yet (what am I waiting for??) but it's definitely fall.  The 85 degree Columbus Day weekend tried to trick us all into the eternal summer - and I was game - but I definitely regret leaving my house without a jacket these days.  C'est la Bostonian vie.

So, natch, I'm thinking about nesting rather than reading for law school.  Each season has it's own special theme of procrastination.  The new apartment needs some decorating because it looks a little collegiate at the moment.  Confession: this is possibly because I can't be bothered to put the curtains up in my own bedroom, but our common areas need help.

I also was talked into requesting a pinterest account - it kind of doesn't make sense to me, but I have faith that it'll be the time-sucking joy that I've heard it has been.  And this is the first thing I'm pinning:

I want big horizontal nautical stripes in the living room just like these, and if my google skills are any good, I will need to make them like the above lady did.  I'm into it.

I also want a chaise lounge, a coffee table big enough to reach both couches, and I'm kind of into a white fluffy rug.  Because that will definitely be easy to keep clean, much like my white car.  It's not that I'm not good at thinking ahead - I fully understand that white is a bad choice - but I like it too much to care when I'm buying.  Curtains, chaise lounge, and coffee table are first priority, none of which will be white.  Except for the alternating stripes in the curtains.

When pinterest let's me join, I'll let you all into my dreamed up living room.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The "Occupation"

The Occupy Wall Street/every major city phenomenon is going on two weeks (I think?) and not showing signs of slowing down.  They're entire problem seems to be that they're e pissed off at the 1%, which clearly doesn't include me, so I feel like I can safely ignore them. 

But their arguments are off.  When did people stop striving to become the 1% and deciding that sleeping in the common and asking people to do their laundry is "hard work".  When did the 1% become evil?  The way I understood it, the American Dream wasn't what was promised to everyone, it was what - if you applied yourself - you could achieve.  Call me idealistic - I am - and I understand that politics today cloud the argument, but you can't pay off your student loans and get a job by being smelly and sleeping outside in protest.  Nobody said you'd get your dream job right away, and nobody said you'd start out making six figures.  But if you do well in school, work hard and move up, each of us can succeed too.  I know that income disparity has increased, and it's harder today than it was when our parents were kids, but I also have a lot more mobility than my parents ever did.  I had the opportunity to go to a good school - which I'm paying for dearly now - and meet kids from all over the country, when my parents stayed close to our home town and had to run a family business.  My choice to see the world came with a price tag.

Does growing up and facing the debt you willingly acquired suck?  Yep.  But have some accountability and grow up.  Go to work and have some ingenuity and you'll succeed in life.  To quote Dean Wormer:  Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

And because Mr. Graham says it better than I can:  bam.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Two nights ago, I had an out-of-character dream.  It was so not me because 1.)  I remember it vividly and I never remember my dreams and 2.)  It's not anything I expect or want or could handle anytime soon.

I dreamt I got engaged and had a massive engagement ring.  And as I sat in class, I was staring at it, and it was making me happy to just feel loved and have something sparkly on my finger as I was getting yelled at by a mean old professor.

Because I was staring at this ring so much, it's kind of burned into my mind.  It was a thin band with diamonds, that split kind of like a Y and came up to hold a massive square diamond, surrounded by little diamonds. 

I woke up a little weirded out - because WO life committments?  No time soon, k thanks.

But then yesterday, the Bruins raised the banner for winning the 2011 Stanley Cup.  I - luckily - snagged a pic with Lord Stanley's Cup, and as I idly stood around like a bump on the log in the excitement, a guy dressed in all black with curly hair came over. 

He was a Bruins photographer, and quietly asked if I wanted to see the championship ring.   UM, YEAH?  He snapped a few fantastic pics of me wearing the Bruins ring... and lo and behold?  Looks as much like my dream "engagement" ring as a sports ring could. 


And now for a small fee, I will tell you oddly specific, bizarre and inconsequential future happenings in your life. 

Gilt got me

I've wanted Hunter rain boots real bad for awhile.  It doesn't matter that I'm certain they're too tall for my lil legs, and that anything that goes over my calf needs to be tried on before it's purchased, I want em.

Anybody who needs calf implants, I'm willing to donate.  That would alleviate the whole yes, I'm 5'1 and need to purchase "wide-calf" boots issue.  My calves are legitimately the circumference of some friends thighs.  A male friend who was voted "best legs" in high school and I have the exact same legs, proportionally.  I don't think men and women's legs are judged on the same criteria.

By themselves, I don't think they look bad, they're just muscley... but for fall-boot season?  They might as well be sumo wrestler calves.  I digress.

I got these on Gilt and I'm going on a calf diet.

And they even have wedges so I don't look like a midget! 

Now advice on how to make my legs less muscley would be appreciated.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bacon bacon bacon

Do you ever put your foot in your mouth and then you just can’t stop yourself?

I have a friend. She doesn’t eat pork because she’s Muslim. Not only can I not remember this, I actively bring bacon factoids and articles to her attention. I seek her out specifically as if she and I have this intense common interest in bacon. In general, we tend to agree on everything, so it makes sense, but I am amazed at how many bacon-related topics I find and choose to pass on. Clearly, this is symptomatic of my greater problem of fatkiditis.

Recently, I have:

Invited her to a bacon and beer festival.

Posted a Ben Does Life link on her facebook wall regarding bacon flavored popcorn and then deleted it and pretended it never happened.

Asked for advice on the best of 3 different Dominos pizzas, 2 of which have pork on them.

Today, I narrowly stopped myself from sending her a blog of bacon flavored pickles – which are vegan and therefore not a problem, BUT SERIOUSLY KAIT, PULL IT TOGETHER. NOT EVERYONE LOVES BACON THE WAY YOU DO.

Except this kid.

(Sidenote: this wife swap had to have been a few years ago, right?  Because I’m probably going to have to look him up someday as a potential husband.  Nobody understands me like he does.)

Anyone who would like to be my new bacon go-to friend, please inquire within and save me from myself.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nothing says cultured like yelp...

I don't know if anyone else gets Yelp's weekly emails, but guys.  They're kind of awesome.

I usually just skim through them, but time and time again, the neighborhood suggestions you get are spot-on.  Today's was about sports bars, and their advice that at the Garden you go to the Fours and in the North End you go to the Waterfront.... couldn't have written it any better myself.

From hair cuts to spa services to being the first place I heard about that new thing where you cook raw food in broth on skewers and then eat it - yelp's got me covered.  Each weekly email has a sidebar with fun events going on around town, and that's how I found out about the Lobser and Beer festival I attended last fall.  So delicious.

So, October is culture month, and Yelp is offering free or reduced price admission to a whole bunch of cool things - check out the list here.

Last weekend I grabbed three friends and went on a free Duck Tour, and whenever it posts, I want to check out the Pompei exhibit at the Museum of Science.  I also think it would be cool to go on a tour of the Opera House.

Boston's a pretty happenin place and I've done a good job of living in a few different areas now, but I tend to get stuck in my work - school - home loop and forget to see everything else this city has to offer.  Yelp's a good way to kind of look out the window in my super busy life.