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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Old Movies

Remember when I said I'm awards show illiterate?  What I lack there, I make up for in useless old movie trivia and quoting capability.

I'm currently reliving the wonder of Joe Di-er-tay, and pretending that I don't actually own this movie.  "You mean to tell me that you're facial hair just grows in all white trashy like that?"   The worst giveaway of my terrible taste in movies is when I quote things and have no idea where they came from... the saving grace being that anyone who recognizes such a quote has to admit to having seen the same bad movie.

I also watched Jurassic Park last week and completely remembered why I'm afraid of birds. And why Newman from Seinfeld is even more gross to me.  He totally got what he deserved when that creepy dinosaur with the mane and the spitting problem attacked him in the jeep. Woops... spoiler alert.

I also hate war movies and boxing movies... because I don't like watching people get beat up/shot/exploded. If, however, there's a serial killer or psychopath involved? Well then it's a mystery and I love it.  Or a slasher film, and other than my new favorite pastime of babysitting, I love these too.  Please don't prank call me with that scream voice box thing.  I'll cry louder than the bebes I'm sitting.

OMG, Kid Rock just showed up, and I completely forgot he was in this.  TTYL.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sailor. Truck Driver. Whatever else I sound like...

No more, friends.  Kait's giving up swearing for Lent.  This means I'll be better at baby-sitting.  I'll lower Barbara's blood pressure by not taking the Lord's name in vain.  And - keep your fingers crossed - I'll erradicate the f-bomb from my language entirely.  It's not lady-like; I've got very few lady bones in my body to begin with, and I need to work with what I got.

I've already slipped once.. sorry about that, Ash Wednesday.  Probably kind of a bad start... But my main goals, other than stopping swearing entirely, are to stop referring to my bags/books/random pile of ish that is always strapped to my shoulder as my s#@$.   Stop with the f-word entirely. And ultimately, I'd like to not sound like I'm a Huxtable.  Any advice on how to clean up my potty mouth without losing all my street cred?