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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Honesty and the Interwebs

I read a lot of health bloggers, including Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point.  She's fun, I've re-posted her blog links and videos a bunch of times, and I just love her positivity and overall do-gooder mentality.  She's so honest about the good and the bad in a way that I don't think I could ever be on the internet.  She bares her soul everyday, and I give her major kudos for opening herself up to a world of criticism. 

So my comments should be taken with love from a huge fan.
This made me spit out my coffee and I wasn't even drinking any, to quote El Pres. 

I'm super bad at being a girl, so these statistics about landfills and pollution... oh my.  It's terrifying how much waste I alone will likely produce in my lifetime, and lumping me in with some 52% is staggering.  There's always room for improvement with greening the world, so why not look at these practices that no one really wants to discuss.

But what really creeps me out is this dye stuff.  Honestly, does it matter what color the tampon is?  Does anyone care about this?   If we cared about the color of our tampons, we probably wouldn't be using them to bleed on, no?  I'm much more concerned about my health in the long run, and if someone else wants to spearhead the movement to make tampons not give me cancer (mostly because it kind of icks me out to talk about them too much), I'll be your silent supporter.

But this Diva Cup.  The irony of slapping DIVA on something so personal and messy is not lost on me here.  I feel like this is the Model T of greening your period.  I've never been an early adopter and I'll gladly wait until we're talking about the family sedan of the 50's, built for comfort and ease before I jump on any such BPA-free pooling cup, cancer be damned.  I am from Maine, but I'm a weeeee bit too republican for this.

And now for a real life reaction from a best:

#1: ok

here's my thing
i do not want someone making me feel guilty for using tampons b/c of the environment
the health aspect i will read
but i'm sorry - i am not going to start washing out reusable pads b/c landfills are full of tampons - i'll just come over to your house you hippie and sit on your white couch and then we can talk about how my tampons are ruining the earth
is she f@#%$ kidding with this f@#%$# cup
me: hahahahahaha
#1: dude i want to write her a f@#% rageful email and just be like get real friends and live in the real world for a week
then talk to them about the f$^% diva cup and lady diapers and see what happens

My friends are awesome. 

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