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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend = success.

The phone call from momma this morning asking me what state I was in is pretty indicative of the past few weeks.   NY, San Diego, Mexico, Maine... annnd we're back. I've danced, surfed, marg-ed, and skied my way from corner to corner of the country. I need a nap.


1.) Touring my way, slowly but surely, through NYC by Sex and the City landmarks is the way to go.  Also, SATC affinity or not, go to tortilla flats the next time you're in NYC.  It's like Mexico crawled into the city and took root. 

2.) I have the best group of college girl friends.  And they are only improved by open bars with margs and dance floors.

3.) Surfing is HARD. I got clobbered by lots of waves, salt water logged, but the lil rush of catching a wave (and riding a surfboard like a boogie board) = such a high.  I wanna go again. Remind Boston to get over winter.

4.) I'm not good at foosball.  I do, however, love secret talents.  Like a friend of mine who is a sneaky foosball player and campfire builder.  I did get to pull out some sneaky poker skills on my ski trip, and felt all cool.  Which, is a fairly rare occurrence in the world of KK. 

4.5) As awesome as having friends that live in cool places to visit is... I'm a smidge reminiscent of the days when those friends lived ALL THE WAY ACROSS CAMPUS, and I thought that was a pain in the ass. (Like the way I snuck the downer thought in as a fraction? Me too.)

5.) Tylenol PM makes a red eye flight feel like the best night's sleep ever.  Nyquil, you've been dismissed.

6.) Research studies are awesome.  Although questionable why I was asked to video tape myself reading the news with a flip cam, I made a pretty penny last week doing something I do anyway... I'll take it.

7.) My 3rd annual work ski trip = baller. So lucky to have a nutty group of work friends that like wilin' out, Maine, skiing, and hanging. Love us... and after lots of talk this weekend, I'm fascinated about skiing out west.  I suppose I'll have to plan a trip not-to-a-beach in the winter (seriously, all I want is sunshine, all the time. how am I gonna fly from subzero temps to more of the same? just doesn't compute for me), but apparently it's life changing, and it's now on my radar. 

8.) I know nothing about the Oscars and awards shows in general.  I overheard people on the chairlift debating which actor/director would win what, and realized that I've seen two pictures that are nominated for awards this year. That, and I hadn't heard of any of the actors/actresses they mentioned.  I'm pretty apathetic to the Hollywood scene.  Pop culture illiterate, unless it involves bieber or j shore? I'm like 3 weeks behind on jersey shore (and kinda over it... did i say that out loud?) and can't even lie about plans to see never say never.  Not sure what this says about my interests, but.. bam.

9.) Celine's singing me to sleep.  Good night moon and Oscars. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Tonight I ran 4.5 miles on a treadmill for the first time... in I have no idea how long.  My legs feel tight, my massive black and blue from my ice-tumble was out for all the gym to see, and right now? I feel pretty, pretty, pretty good.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm pretty sure I am only excited about running because of my new sweet music set up...  and I completed this personal feat wearing a green shirt with a panda named pickles on it.  Again... point: grooveshark.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Motivate me.

So.  This kid has spent 2 full days in a starbucks, and is currently sitting in my cube at work (on a SUNDAY), sippin on some coffee, reading the news, (when I should be on my couch snugged up in a blankie), all in the name of writing a stupid paper that I just can't make myself start.

Then I found this:

ADD/ADHD scare the bejesus out of me. *NOT because I'm actually scared of people that have it, but because I don't remember people having it when I was a kid, and it seems like this sneaky epidemic that just came out of the woodwork.  While I definitely didn't have it as a child, (Barb would invite friends over to play with me, I'd park them with my unopened Barbies, and go find a tree to read under), I think I grew it in college/work/lawyer college. Probably because it was about that time that Barb stopped cooking my dinners, and I developed the eating habits of Eric Cartman.  Maybe I can webmd myself for awhile to find out if I have ADD/ADHD, then wonder where another full day of "paper writing" went?

Or maybe Ke$ha knows best.  Maybe I  need some rehab. Or maybe just need some sleep.

Saturday, February 5, 2011