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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Post-Chicago Post, a month later...

(Written as if it were August 8th.  Pretend, people!)

I’m back and I’m not happy about it.

I also just realized that I’m running a 10K this weekend. In the past two weeks, I have run one mile. Over the past weekend, I consumed Deep Dish Pizza, taco pizza, bagfuls of the most delicious cheesy popcorn, goat cheese whipped mash potatoes, more wedding cake than I think we should talk about, and various fried delights. But here’s a pic from my one mile run…

That's not Boston!

Southwest isn’t as awesome as everyone says it is. Caveat – maybe it’s just cuz I don’t know how to do it, and I kept forgetting to check in until I’m the last one on the plane. If you’re gonna have your own freaky-deaky system, I’m gonna need some explanation. Especially if I, like the rest of the travelling population, kill time by having a beer at the airport. Let’s up the confusion factor some more by wearing my iPod wherever I go and not realizing that there are numbered pillars against the wall and that we don’t board when the section letter printed on our boarding pass is called. Whatever, fruity flight attendant man, I don’t need a lecture on cutting the line. What I need is a uniform system, kind of like the one the rest of the world uses. I also like buying plane tickets and picking my seat; I honestly probably wouldn’t buy the dumb ticket if I had to sit in the middle. I’d wake up earlier or take a different flight. So maybe, now that I know all of this about Southwest, it would be fine next go-round, but I just wasn’t in LOVE like I was expecting to be. I missed you, Jetblue.

The Cubs are as awesome as everyone says. Wrigley is so cool – with the houses around the outfield actually peering into the stadium, and having extra seating built onto their roofs. When I move to Chicago, I’m living here:

My new house!
Also, I learned this song and had it stuck in my head all weekend. And every bar plays it when the game lets out (possibly only when they win?)

AND I debated all weekend about which Cubs shirt I wanted (there’s a real push for this North Side vs. South Side shirt thing for Cubs v. White Sox, but honestly… nobody’s gonna get that in the 207. I barely got it and I was  on the North Side at the time).  Apparently there's a Spanish division of Cubs supporters, and so I am looking for a Los Cubs shirt.  Combines everything I love.

Anyway.  Thank you to my Chicago friends for making my brief law school summer vacation baller. I love you Moo, Smack, and Charity, (and Paps for bein' a friend!).

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  1. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this post! Ok maybe you do, but it has felt like forever. Now that you have a blog like this you can't deprive me like that. ;)

    Miss you Spraguey! And I'm so proud you learned the Cubs song. Wooty wooooo :)

    p.s. LOVE the "WHEN I MOVE TO CHICAGO..." sooner rather than later, please!!