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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love Letters

My love of Love Letters on is well documented and understood, but today's is kind of wild:

I bring you: I think about women.  I usually agree with Meredith, but today I think she's nuts.  If you tell your husband you're thinking about women all the time, that's the end, right?  Isn't marriage predicated on wanting to be handcuffed to someone in particular, which necessarily includes their gender?  If this were reversed, and it were the guy questioning his orientation, I feel like this would be an automatic gameover; but because it's a woman, it's somehow less egregious and supposed to be "exciting" for her husband.  I'm realizing day by day that no marriage is Disney-perfect, and every relationship has shades of gray to it; but if you feel trapped with a man when you're meant to be with a woman, isn't that the most basic reason to call it quits?

I know it's more complicated than can be expressed in a love letter, but I just feel like this advice is the old-timey, "ignore what you feel" mantra... or try to get your husband to approve of it.  Am I crazy?


  1. I also generally agree with Meredith, however, like you, this time I think she is nuts as well. I'm VERY interested to see if this woman has an update and she tells whether or not she took Mer's advice.

  2. Ditto! The whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way, glad I'm not alone.