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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stock Exchange/Finance Boy's a real casanova

Messages 3 and 4:

He went from three times to more than once for the fourth message.  Hot.

Anyways - I've backed off of this venture because it's a lot of work and thus far negative reward.  Which is to say, I've put a lot of time into being entertained and mildly horrified by it.  BUT a classmate discovered me (Hi Val!) and offered to fix me, because apparently my interests attract weirdooos.  So there's that, and now I'm sure all the eligible bachelors will come out of hiding.  (Def holding my breath.)

ALSO - there's a question on OKC that asks if you're more intense or carefree.  I answered carefree.  Val said my profile itself is intense, but that's good, because so am I.  I'm intense?? Is that true?  Guys??

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