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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Endless Entertainment

With an inbox like this, who needs TV?

From "hotstuff" -
how would you like to go for a ride in jeep

with the doors off and get an ice creem

an go from there

see ya

No.  And his favorite movie is pulpfison.  No no no.

From (redacted/my screen name points out that I work in finance twice) -   Msg 1: Something about you stands out to me (smarts, sassy & dressy- love all of this). You've shared just enough to make me think we have have some potential..

and I guess we both are on the same levels with a lot of things - We might have a lot to offer each other. So I want to try this out with you

Msg 2: Hey, I also noticed you value career stuff and hold a lot of passion for it... Sound like you also have put a lot into it... we could connect on that level. I also notice you like the water! I could direct you to the best 'pools' in Boston... would love a partner to do them all with! Have you been to Colonnade Hotel's pool bar?!

You just sound normal & you could have this awesome sassy side to you... let's try this! we are both in Boston

Here's my sassy side: I like water!!!!!!!! Let's try this!! We are both in Boston!!! Same level!!!!!

From a coworker just shamelessly calling me out:

XOXO - let's pretend this never happened.

Keepin' you posted, one set of heeby jeebies at a time.

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