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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Forearm workouts, please.

I spent yesterday on a painting jamboree for my new home owner, birthday girl best friend from home.  My forearms got a mean workout - who knew paint rollers were so strenuous on forearms!?  But based on this photo from last week's relay race - which, very kindly, the running organization I joined made the cover photo of their FB album:

Apparently my forearms need some working out?  I've tried to replicate this arm situation and cannot for the life of me.  If I never replicate anything in this photo, it'd be too soon.  Woof, Kait.  Hence, I took paint roller charge yesterday and ran with it.  Also, judging by this picture, I need to run more often.  And work on my gait.  And my weird claw.  Some people burn such pictures, but given that it's going down in infamy on Facebook, I might as well get my self deprecation on. (I promise there are others that make me look like a mildly athletic, normal person, but they're not entertaining in the least.)

Annnyway, while painting, I got a full day of listening to other iPods and finally heard a song that I've been trying to find for a couple of years.  It played a lot at home at restaurants and is so summery and mellow, and I jumped at finding out who it was finally!  Strangely enough, when I hummed and mumbled "make it better" over and over, nobody recognized my rendition.  Yeah it's oldish and everybody probably knows it, but this was a great triumph for me.

Especially like this line: Cause I know the grass is greener but just as hard to mow.

Nothing like helping out with house projects, finding a new song, and hanging with a good friend on her birthday to feel like you've accomplished something and you're right where you belong.

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