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Thursday, January 12, 2012

One twenty five!

To keep with my creepin', I commented on Liz's  post about coming to Boston and subtly suggested that she have Boston meet up.  To prove how awesome she/I/we all are, she hosted the meet up at the scene of the crime/my 27th b-day party/one of my fav bars.  And then this happened:

You're nailing it, so hard right now.

I love when the internet turns into real life and when bloggers are just as cool as their writing make them seem!  Liz -thank you so much for being super friendly and for sharing some of the best gossip I've heard in months.  Canada for the win?  #topicsthatwon'tbetrendinganytimesoon?

PS - how awesome are the friends that are as excited to meet someone new/a mini internet sensation as you, are down with creepin', and up for anything?  Love love love pants and turkey. Love.

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