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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Bach

I'm usually more into the Bachelorette than the Bachelor... something about 25 girls stabbing each other over a guy that they barely know is much less appealing than 25 dudes wooing a lady.  The Bachelorette - call me crazy - is more about romance.  And a little classier.   The Bachelor turns into this cut-throat, whiny sloot fest... but how do we turn this down?

ABC, you had me at *sniffle*.

And spoiler alert for this first ep - this biddy spends most of the 2 hours crying, and from the upcoming scenes of this season, she makes a pattern of it.

This poor sweet Ben - though I'm not into his floppy hair - I'm rooting for him..  And yes, I'm aware that Ali Fedotowsky just left Roberto... who was a total babe.  But Trisha and Ryan are still together, and dammit, I'm an eternal optimist.  I just love love.

And really, the Bachelor is filling a void in my poor little DVR's heart: it will significantly up the amount of crying on my DVR when added to the Biggest Loser, but until those Jersey Housewives come back, the back-stabbing bitchiness level was nearing a dangerous low.  Dance Moms and Mob Wives, I need you.

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