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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Kait

I've never been a resolution girl.   Every day should be the first day of the rest of your life, and if I want to make a change, I should seize the carpe then.  That being said, I'm feeling a little lax.  School sucks the life out of me, yadda yadda.  So, I'm taking this cliche moment to check in and reevaluate.

1.)  I've fallen off the gym wagon.  I'd rather sleep until the last second than get up a second early - but, endorphins make people happy.  And happy people don't just shoot their husbands.  And there's a reason Elle Woods managed to make it through law school with so much grace and style.  And pep.  Ergo, 5 days minimum each week have to involve sweat, even just a 20 minute shake out run before work or after class.  No excuses.  In 2012, I'm getting hot.

(Side note: Santa brought me Zumba for the wii!  Me + Pitbull + dance party in the privacy of my living room?  Fair warning to all visitors to call in advance.  I butchered the Cupid Shuffle on NYE... that should give you a picture of my moves.)

(Second side note: an interesting turn of events in a raucous yankee swap graced our home with a shake weight.  It's so wobbly?  It doesn't really feel like it's doing anything.  I think the instructional DVD is full of it.)

2.)  2012 needs to be the year of understanding money.  I've never invested, so (in all my spare time) I will start reading up on stocks.  True story: I won the sixth grade, year long project where we fake invested money and tracked stocks all year.  12 year old Kait had her money on her mind, 27 year old Kait needs to take some of her advice.

3.)  I'm getting out of my comfort zone.  Whether it's new activities, new foods, new friends?  Let's go.  Case in point, I went on a mini day hike yesterday on New Year's Day.  I bought a jicama and a pepino at the grocery store.  I'll keep you posted on how both of those actually go - cuz they're foreign territory to me.  When I studied abroad I tried crazy new things every single day, and until I can hop on an avion and have a fresh guanabana whenever I want, I'm taking advantage of the new and exciting right here.

Feel free to hold me accountable.  I'll need it.  Happy New Year friends, let's make 2012 one to remember.

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