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Friday, October 7, 2011


Two nights ago, I had an out-of-character dream.  It was so not me because 1.)  I remember it vividly and I never remember my dreams and 2.)  It's not anything I expect or want or could handle anytime soon.

I dreamt I got engaged and had a massive engagement ring.  And as I sat in class, I was staring at it, and it was making me happy to just feel loved and have something sparkly on my finger as I was getting yelled at by a mean old professor.

Because I was staring at this ring so much, it's kind of burned into my mind.  It was a thin band with diamonds, that split kind of like a Y and came up to hold a massive square diamond, surrounded by little diamonds. 

I woke up a little weirded out - because WO life committments?  No time soon, k thanks.

But then yesterday, the Bruins raised the banner for winning the 2011 Stanley Cup.  I - luckily - snagged a pic with Lord Stanley's Cup, and as I idly stood around like a bump on the log in the excitement, a guy dressed in all black with curly hair came over. 

He was a Bruins photographer, and quietly asked if I wanted to see the championship ring.   UM, YEAH?  He snapped a few fantastic pics of me wearing the Bruins ring... and lo and behold?  Looks as much like my dream "engagement" ring as a sports ring could. 


And now for a small fee, I will tell you oddly specific, bizarre and inconsequential future happenings in your life. 

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