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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We was young and we was dumb but we had heart

Is this the best look for BC?  No, but this kid is hilarious.  Outside of the fact that going HAM postdates my college experience, I know a few 5-years-older versions of this kid also stuck up in their cubicles late night now.  This kid rivals the love for his roommates that mine have -- RUBYD61!!! -- and that's why he's so awesome.  As much as people hate on BC in this city - we're just happy clams, causing minor, repairable destruction in the name of togetherness. And owning up to it too - he completely takes responsibility in the end.  So what is the point of this email?  Just a drunken love letter to his alma mater and his brick squad.  Probably only because he didn't have ResLife's cell # to drunk text. (And he should seriously sound reslife an edible arrangement for not publishing his name.  That cubicle would be gone so fast...)

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