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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yeah, I'm behind. This is what I like now.

Seconds 20-30 = my life.  I can never find anything in my purse.  I am convinced my car door isn't locked or that my straightener is on and my house is burning down at any given second.  Given the nimrods that live upstairs, I'm not sure why I'm secure in my house not burning to the ground for a reason other than my own forgetfulness.  I'm sooo worrrrried.

She creeps me out because she knows me sooo well.

And yes, I have seen this before, but I love them.  I also love the biggest loser, but more importantly, I love eating everything in sight after my 6 hours of class on Tuesday while watching the biggest loser.   I also like to know if I'm going out later when I  figure out if I should eat now or later.  Have to plan!!!!!!  And, confession: I don't have a fall coat.  I also don't have a boyfriend who's coat I steal, so I guess that really only eff's me over, so... not annoying girl win?

I love Home Alone 2 so hard.  I remember seeing it in the theater, and I remember KNOWING that no movie would ever be as funny as it.   There's just no way.  Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.

And here's some Pitbull, because he was with my through finals.  <3 you, papi.

1 comment:

  1. 1. I love Shit Girls Say. So much.
    2. I have seen the Harvard Sailing Team live and my friend Sara is in it. Be jeal.
    3. This song kills me every time.
    4. Home Alone 2 > Home Alone.