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Thursday, May 26, 2011

1(L) and Done

So I finished first year, (that last statement is a leap of faith which will leave me suspended until grades come in... oh, in ten weeks or something), and have started summer classes, and am feeling better about my fraction.  (1/3.5 Lawwwwwwwwyer! whattuppp!)

So let's talk lighthearted things.  I'm making my summer reading list, and as much as I have should-reads coming out the wazoo, I'm looking into all the Chelsea Handler my little brain can wrap itself around. Suggestions on other brainless, funny, lighthearted reading to accompany my Corporations textbook as I get my tan on this summer?  I've been told Something Borrowed (yes, you will be part of my grand return to the movies) is good, and considering how I like to read popular things approximately 5 years after everyone else does, I think I'm nearing that window.  Give me more fun ideas!

And something that's bugging me.  Bruno Mars.  You still make my heart melt with Just the Way You Are, (seriously, guys. this is the key to longterm happiness. just repeat these lyrics line for line. kinda like that seinfeld where jerry dates the girl who writes him a love letter verbatim from a movie, and it actually inspires jerry to get back together with her because it's so heartfelt.. until he sees the movie.  i'd still probably stay with you, even if i knew all along that you were copping bruno's lines.)

But WHAT, in all that is holy, is the lazy song?  I'm bopping around listening to you, and then I realize that someday, I'm going to be driving the Volvo Wagon to a pee wee soccer game, and lil KK is going to say "MOMMMMMM, what's P90X?".  It's like Mr. Mars wanted to take a snapshot of all the ridiculous fads of the moment, put it in a catchy little time capsule, and make me have to answer for it down the road.  "Yes, kids, 2011 was an interesting time, and good point, he did a pretty good job rhyming snuggie with dougie." 

And with that hair, I'm going to have to explain the difference between B Mars and MJ.  And that Alf was also in the 80's. And why these monkeys take their pants off. AND, why do boys think it's acceptable to lounge with their hands in their pants?  My first year out of college I lived with three guys who kept their hands perpetually in their underoos. I digress. Bruno Mars, I love you, and I will continue singing your lazy song, all the while knowing that I will pay for this someday.

Now get me to this long weekend, sunshine, iced coffee, my puppy, and summatime.

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