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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sailor. Truck Driver. Whatever else I sound like...

No more, friends.  Kait's giving up swearing for Lent.  This means I'll be better at baby-sitting.  I'll lower Barbara's blood pressure by not taking the Lord's name in vain.  And - keep your fingers crossed - I'll erradicate the f-bomb from my language entirely.  It's not lady-like; I've got very few lady bones in my body to begin with, and I need to work with what I got.

I've already slipped once.. sorry about that, Ash Wednesday.  Probably kind of a bad start... But my main goals, other than stopping swearing entirely, are to stop referring to my bags/books/random pile of ish that is always strapped to my shoulder as my s#@$.   Stop with the f-word entirely. And ultimately, I'd like to not sound like I'm a Huxtable.  Any advice on how to clean up my potty mouth without losing all my street cred?

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