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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some thoughts

So, I'm parked in the South End Starbucks, doing anything to not write a paper, and so I thought I'd give a life update. Things you should know: is amazing. You search songs, make playlists, it saves all your jams, and all they ask of you is to be sitting at a computer. UNTIL NOW! I need someone to handcuff me to a treadmill, a la the golden days of college where somehow I just liked to run and run and run, but to bribe myself to just suck it up and hit the gym, I need some new jams. I'm sick of my iPod, (a girl can only rock out to eve 6 for so long), and the day has come where I need my grooveshark to go to my phone so that I can make these magical playlists motivate me, and not eventually judge myself for having invested in lifetime ownership of pitbull's greatest hits. So! Today I go to grooveshark, and you can 1.) Pay $9/mo to get this mystical service OR 2.) Order a $20 t-shirt of a panda named pickles and get a WHOLE YEAR of grooveshark anywhere to boot... and they send $2 to the pandas. I guess they think if I own a creepy emo shirt, I'll be forced to wear it everywhere and be free advertising... but silly them. I'm too cool for any panda pickles shirt, but I am so proud of this deal that I have invested time in blogging about it. Game, set, match - Grooveshark. And I don't even care. Go to there:

Trader Joe's makes tomato-less salsa with corn and chilies that I've been eating by the bowlful. See also: why I need to find hobbies that involve burning calories rather than slowly wearing away the lining of my stomach with fire-foods.

Twitter is finally allowed on work computers, which means I may actually use it ever. See, followers? There was a reason you let me into your newsfeed, (or whatever twitter calls it). I'd also like to actually update this blog more often, however, I'm commitment-rexic, and I make no promises.

Anyone want to talk about the knock and announce statute and how my "client" clearly had his 4th amendment rights violated? Yep. Me neither. On that note, I just remembered why I went outside willingly in Boston in January on a Sunday, and I should do some real life "work". K bye.

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